The Seattle Review of Books website announced today a partnership between its books coverage and the arts coverage in the Seattle Weekly. This is an important philosophical investment in the literary identity of Seattle. While the sheer amount of writers in this city is paralleled only in, maybe, New York or San Francisco, there is a palpable lack of a literary community. The same few people show up at the same few readings and literary events are dominated by the enormous library systems or isolated bookstores. Nobody, with the exception, perhaps, of the Hugo House, has–until now–stepped up to take on the responsibility of being both a resource and an advocate for the writers of this city. This partnership is an opportunity for both the parties involved to provide a neutral space wherein exposing new writers occurs by way of their unstratified placement alongside established literati; where you don’t already have to be established to be seen in the same old establishments. I envision a bright future for a supportive literature community here. Finally.